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Estate Planning, Living Trust and Probate Information

Building and Protecting Your Family's Tomorrows, Today!

You have worked for decades building your business or your career. These decades of hard work have led to an accumulation of assets that provide safety and comfort to you and your loved ones. However, without the proper planning, you could lose many of your assets either through a Living Probate, Death Probate or rising Nursing Home Costs.

And we've all heard the horror stories about people losing part or all of their net worth to creditors, the state, the federal government, unscrupulous counselors or dishonest business partners. Stories of costly mistakes that can be associated with poorly drafted wills, trusts, or unforeseen events, and ignorance of the probate code and tax law.


Learn everything there is to know: Download a copy of attorney Jeffrey Field's FREE reports,

"How to Avoid the Six Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes."

"Nine Reasons Business Owners Pay Too Much in Taxes

and you will know how to protect your hard-won income and assets.


Why is the Estate Planning, Probate and Business Law attorney Jeffrey Field your one-stop solution?

In Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties, you are unlikely to find an adviser with expertise in so many different areas. Consider for a moment that Jeff Field:

  • Is a California and Utah licensed lawyer;
  • Is a former Chief Financial Officer of non-profit (CFO);
  • Is a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®);
  • Is a Certified Tax Coach;
  • Has a long experience as a stockbroker, accountant and practicing Estate Planning, Tax, Business and Probate Law attorney.


With Jeff Field, you have the opportunity to discuss the entire scope of your estate, business and financial challenges. Jeff Field will provide the most simple, watertight and coherent solution.

You deal with just one counselor who will:

  • Plan the transfer of your wealth to your loved ones under cutting edge estate planning techniques;
  • Avoid the nightmares of Living and Death Probate;
  • Nursing Home Asset Protection;
  • Help you understand your legal obligations;
  • Keep track of your private and business financial indicators;
  • Propose the best business structure for starting and developing businesses;
  • Look at all your contractual obligations and advise you on better lawsuit protection;
  • Keep your income and estate tax payments to a minimum, short and long term.


These are just a few of the common issues that are resolved by Jeff Field and his Staff on a daily basis, bringing invaluable relief to families, individuals and small businesses - mostly with a gross income from $250,000 to $5 million - in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties.

Obtain comprehensive professional advice for protecting all your assets and income by contacting attorney Jeffrey Field at 818 369-7900 or by sending an email  for a personal and confidental consultation.

Practice Areas

Business Law Business Law

Attorney Jeffrey Field helps individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners set up and develop their professional activities. Jeffrey Field helps protect your assets and hard-won income from the predatory taxes of the federal and state governments, lawsuit-happy customers, and dishonest partners. Jeffrey Field will help prevent costly mistakes due to oversight of immensely complex business regulations. A former CFO and a certified tax planner, Jeff Field is the one-stop business, tax and financial adviser that will make you sleep better.

Probate & Estate Planning Probate & Estate Planning

After a lifetime of hard work and difficult decisions, the time has come to plan how your private and business assets will be transferred to your loved ones. Countless examples of huge financial losses, devastating taxes and endless conflicts (provoked by the sudden death of the owner of a business or estate) have shown that Probate and Estate Planning are crucial and cannot be postponed indefinitely. As an experienced California Probate Law attorney, Jeff Field will give you the perfect solution under the present legislation and tax code, and the keys to a stress-free future.