Here at Field Law, family is one of our core values. Building your family is a joy, but it does require immense amounts of hard work to make sure your children are well taken care of. One of the more difficult parts about raising children is making a contingency plan in the event of your untimely demise.

Making provisions like appointing a guardian and conservator for your child are a necessity to ensure that your child will be with someone you trust. Thankfully, this is one area where a Living Will is necessary and extremely helpful. Having either a will or guardianship papers will allow you to personally name a family member or close friend to be your child’s guardian. The person you choose will be tasked with making decisions for your child until they reach the “age of majority” which is eighteen in most states.

Without the proper papers in place, decisions about your child’s well-being and finances will be left to the court. While the courts do have a program for appointing people to look after your child, they are incapable of taking into account your values, preferences, and routines when selecting a new guardian. Don’t let your child’s fate be left in the hands of the courts and foster care system.

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