With the madness of current world events, it is more important than ever that you have an estate plan. As a nation, we are struggling through a pandemic, market instability, and ever-changing legislation on how to deal with these pressing issues. It is in this time of uncertainty that we implore you to take the necessary steps to ensure that your estate is not left to a game of chance due to poor planning.

One crucial issue with estate planning, is making sure you are working with qualified, attentive law firms and you can adapt the plan to your specific needs according to the law. There are a few online services who claim to offer the services you need for cheap prices. The basic neglect that exists within these documents can result in excruciatingly long court battles, loss of large portions of your estate, and unwanted individuals stealing away your loved ones’ inheritances.

The truth is, estate planning is a complex field that is constantly adapting to the needs of specific clients. The Field Law Firm is a proud member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, which helps us to stay up to date on the best ways to serve our clients. Our Estate Plans include a Family Wealth Trust, pour-over Will, Property and Health Care Powers of Attorney, Property Agreements, Certificate of Trusts and also we help you capture your Legacy for future generations. Additionally, we work with you to make sure that all of your assets are in the Trust, in other words, your Trust is fully funded.

For more information on Trust and Estate Planning, contact our offices to set up a consultation and receive a copy of Mr. Field’s book, Your Legacy Matters – How to Protect Your Family and Preserve Your Wealth.

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