With age comes experience. People who have worked all their lives are wary of losing what they have accumulated. One mistake or a sudden death can make assets, profits and income vulnerable to heart-wrenching losses. So, how do you protect what you've got?


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There are two ways to address this question:

  • Life and Business can be extremely complex, which means you need the advice of a estate planning lawyer, a financial adviser, an accountant, a corporate attorney and a tax expert, or
  • You arrange for a free consultation with La Crescenta-based Attorney and Counselor at Law Jeffrey Field.

Jeff Field is not only licensed to practice law in California, Utah and Arizona, he is also extremely knowledgeable about the complexities of businesses, tax and estate planning as a Certified Tax Coach and Certified Financial Planner®. and a former CFO (chief financial officer), accountant and stockbroker. .

Someone needs to coordinate the many different aspects of your private and professional activities. Your business incorporation, contractual obligations, assets, liabilities, cash flow and shareholders all have to be viewed in relation to your private income, investments, and mortgages. All this has to fit into your estate plan, which begins with your will or living trust so you may pass on as much as possible to your loved ones after your death.

Trusted Business Law and Estate & Probate Attorney Jeffrey Field's many qualifications will allow you to make knowledgeable and informed decisions to solve all your private, professional and estate issues simultaneously.

Think of the time and the fees you will save.

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