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Business LawBusiness Law

Attorney Jeffrey Field helps individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners set up and develop their professional activities. Jeffrey Field helps protect your assets and hard-won income from the predatory taxes of the federal and state governments, lawsuit-happy customers, and dishonest partners. Jeffrey Field will help prevent costly mistakes due to oversight of immensely complex business regulations. A former CFO and a certified tax planner, Jeff Field is the one-stop business, tax and financial adviser that will make you sleep better.

Legacy Wealth PlanningLegacy Wealth Planning

After a lifetime of hard work and difficult decisions, the time has come to plan how your private and business assets will be transferred to your loved ones. Countless examples of huge financial losses, devastating taxes and endless conflicts (provoked by the sudden death of the owner of a business or estate) have shown that Probate and Estate Planning are crucial and cannot be postponed indefinitely. As an experienced California Probate Law attorney, Jeff Field will give you the perfect solution under the present legislation and tax code, and the keys to a stress-free future.