Medium sized is uncomfortable. You have worked so hard to achieve gross revenue between $250,000 and $5 million, and you know you are vulnerable to a suing or bankrupt customer, crippling federal and state taxes, regulation violation penalties, dishonest partners or employees, bad investments or foggy financial indicators. You may want to develop your business, change the entity structure or move your business to friendlier skies.

Can you afford to hire a business lawyer, a CFO, an accountant, an estate planner, a tax coach, and a financial planner?

No you cannot: not only would it cost you a fortune, you would never have enough time to deal with this crowd. The result would be a leaky and incoherent construction.

But you can afford: to have a free discussion with Business Law attorney Jeffrey Field, who is as experienced in financial, tax and estate planning as he is in Business and Probate Law.

Jeff Field can help you find a comprehensive solution for all the problems that might threaten the existence or development of your private and business assets, like:

  • Ideal entity structure, in California or other states;
  • Financial planning and key indicators;
  • Protection from lawsuits;
  • Creative tax planning and wealth preservation;
  • Private and business asset protection;
  • California business regulations;


Because Jeff Field is also a Probate Law attorney, the proposed business solutions will be fully coordinated with your personal situation and succession plans.


Learn everything there is to know:

Download a copy of attorney Jeffrey Field's FREE reports,

"How to Avoid the Six Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes."

"Nine Reasons Business Owners Pay Too Much in Taxes

and you will know how to protect your hard-won income and assets.


A former CFO, a Certified Tax Coach and Certified Financial Planner ®, Jeff Field is the one-stop business, tax and financial advisor who will make you sleep better. Call attorney Jeffrey Field at 818 369-7900 or send us an email  for a FREE consultation.