BACK TO SCHOOL! For most parents of school-age children it's time to go shopping to buy all of the supplies for their kids. Uniforms, scissors, notebooks, pens, paper, notebooks, glue, markers, crayons, computers, calculators, etc. We've got to be prepared for school!

It's also a time of excitement and anticipation because it is a brand new school year. Along with it comes the hopes and fears that every child has (just think about how you felt as a kid going to school). Will my friends be there? Will the lunches be any good this year? Will my teacher be nice? Will I have a better schedule? How can I be liked and avoid all of the bullies? There's a LOT that goes on in our children's heads AND we can walk with them through it all from pre-school all the way through college.

Like we prepare our kids and grandkids for school, we also want to help you prepare to take care of your kids and grandkids in the future! The best way to prepare is to get your Estate Plan in order now.  In order to do that, we have prepared three (3) SPECIAL reports for you that are available for FREE on our website at!

This Special Three-In-One booklet has been tailored to speak to the needs of Childre, Parents, Grandparents, as well as giving some of the most common reasons to prepare now. For parents of children under 18 years of age, the first of the three reports is the Estate Planning Basics For Families With Young Children. Because we recognize that so many families are grandparents raising their grandkids, we have the second report, the Grandparents Guide To Second Generation Planning. The last of the three reports gives a the Fifteen (15) Common Reasons To Do Estate Planning.

For parents of the College-age crowd, visit our website at for a great article on why Your College Aged Children Needs a Power of Attorney.

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