We all want to leave a lasting legacy for our children, grandchildren and future generations, but it can be easier said than done. Leaving a legacy means more than providing just an inheritance for your family. Too often, inheritances are squandered and forgotten. A legacy, on the other hand, means leaving behind not just financial security, but a sense of family history, belonging, and purpose, generation after generation.

You are so much more than a branch on your family tree! The MY LEGACY booklet allows you to write down the story of your life in your words by simply answering some questions. This tool is a wonderful way to pass on your life and legacy, allowing future generations to know who you were and why you are so important to your family. This booklet provides your loved ones with a true legacy, rather than just a set of inheritances. It can also be used as a recording script for video/filming. 

Every client who has ever used this tool raves about how easy and simple it is to use! As you open the pages and read the easy-to-answer questions, you will want to start writing down your answers right away. Perfect for anyone who desires to pass along the rich heritage of family, work ethic, dreams, desires, wishes and stories. It will allow the generations yet to come to know who you are and why you are so valuable to them. This is a gift that will truly keep on giving!

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