Will your Trustee know what to do and how to manage your affairs if you become incapacitated or pass away?

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for Clients and Their Successor Trustees


Steps to Take and Mistakes to Avoid


If you have a Living Trust and want the peace of mind knowing your loved ones and/or Successor Trustee will know exactly what to do if you become disabled, incapacitated, or pass away…

… then make plans to join us for our upcoming Trustee Workshop. This event is free for our clients and their loved ones.

You and your Trustees will learn:

  • What your Trustees need to know now – actions to take and who to contact at death or incapacity. Don’t wait for an emergency to figure it out these important steps! 
  • Tools of your estate plan, how and when they work, and who can use them 
  • Your Trustee’s legal and financial responsibilities – including tax returns, managing assets and required accounting 
  • How to avoid common and costly mistakes that could result in tax consequences, financial loss and legal liability for the Successor Trustee. 
  • Practical tips on being a Trustee, Executor or Power of Attorney agent 
  • How to disperse inheritances from the Trust and how to avoid disputes and conflict with family members 
  • When the Trustee should ask for help - most Trustees will need some assistance from our firm at some point. We’re here to help every step of the way!


WARNING: If your Successor Trustee fails to handle their duties promptly and correctly, they may be personally liable to your beneficiaries and may have to pay damages out of their own pocket!

That’s why every client and their Successor Trustees should attend this workshop for protection, confidence, and peace of mind.

This class will ensure your Trustee is prepared to administer your Trust that honors your wishes, minimizes the chance for conflict, and helps them avoid costly mistakes or oversights. Register today to join us!

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