At the workshop, we will discuss several issues including:

1. NURSING HOME COSTS: Protect your nest egg from nursing home costs by learning how to qualify and use Medicaid to pay for those expenses, which average over $9,300 per month locally.

2. DIVORCE: Preserve your children's inheritance if they divorce...  up to 50% of your assets could walk out the door with your ex in-law.

3. REMARRIAGE: Prevent your assets from going to a stranger instead of your children if your spouse gets remarried after your death.

4. PROBATE: How it works, and more importantly, how you can avoid it altogether.

5. INCAPACITY: Make your final wishes known with a Living Will and Health Care Proxy. Avoid a publicly humiliating and expensive guardianship proceeding if you become legally incapacitated or disabled.

6. FAMILY FIGHTS: Prevent your Family from fighting over family heirlooms and personal tangible items.

7. INCAPACITY: Plan to pass on wisdom, values, and life lessons to generations that follow.

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