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Our Testimonials tell you how much our clients would have lost if they hadn’t come to us.

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  • Best Firm to Deal With. Quality Professionals Who Handle Difficult Legal Matters. Good Legal Guides.

    My sister (still) tells me your firm is the very best to work with. I have close friends who have experienced very uncomfortable situations managing their family Trust.  It helps to have quality professionals handling the difficult legal matters. Both my Mom and sister chose well our legal guides who we trust to get us over the dark and forboding fissures other families fall into. We are blessed to have you on our team.   God Bless You,

    Michael D
  • Jeff is diligent, honest, trustworthy and full of integrity

    "I was invited by a friend to attend one of Jeff's Trust Workshops. I had many questions because the attorney who drafted my original documents was no longer available. Jeff remained after the Workshop to answer all of my questions and though price was a concern, his example of trust and integrity were as valuable as well. Because I have so many questions about my Estate Plan, I know that Jeff is diligent to help me understand all I need to know in a very clear way." "I am confident that the Field Law firm has my best interest at heart. I feel comfortable with the genuine concern for my welfare by Jeff and all of his staff." Fran G.

    Fran G.
  • Comprehensive in their knowledge of Estate Planning and the Law

    "I chose Jeffrey Field and Field Law to do my Trust and Estate Planning because of their comprehensive knowledge of Living Trusts, Estate Planning and the Law. In my experience with Field Law, it has been enlightening and satisfying as well as comforting to know that all of my desires are going to be taken care of as I pass my Legacy on to the next generations." "I have found Jeff and his staff to be very professional and trustworthy. I have learned how to preserve and protect my assets as well as passing along my legacy." Cornelio T.

    Cornelio T.
  • Jeff offered sound advice

    Jeff was able to help me analyze the situation regarding my parent's home and how to resolve the issue without jumping into a long protracted court case where nobody in the family would win. -- Robert

  • Jeff was there when I needed help with my parents...

    "Jeff was there when I needed help with my parents and showed a great deal of patience and professionalism with all of our questions. He took the time to explain the issues we were facing and helped update the advance health care directives, durable powers of attorney and helpd to make sure the trust was in order. He went the extra mile in every way and I am deeply grateful for his help and the peace of mind he has brought to us." - Kim

  • What I admire most about Jeff...

    "What I admire most about Jeff knowing him before he became my attorney is his passion in his goals studying law and commitment to all aspects in his life that makes him the person he is. Jeff has been my trusted attorney for both personal and business needs. As a successor trustee to a family trust, he helped me with the many responsibilities of handling my family's affairs, guiding me through the process with clear explanations. He also assisted me in the formation of an LLC, after first presenting all the options for setting up a company and the additional benefit of asset protection Jeff is easy to work with and I appreciate his ‘common sense' approach to legal matters. To put it simply I now know that Jeff has protected my family and business manners in every way possible." -- Richard Burkett, Entreprenuer and Business Owner

    Richard Burkett, Entrepreneur and Business Owner
  • Jeff's support and expertise...

    "Jeff's support and expertise in protecting my grandmothers estate both in her final years and then helping me navigate the process afterwards was a source of strength and stability.  He truly provided peace of mind to us both and walked me through the entire process. I had the opportunity to work with Jeff again to investigate and analyze a business venture and administer the necessary legal contracts to protect my investment.  I have every confidence in both his ability and integrity and he has exercised both with incredible patience." -- Suzanne Cook, Mom and Business Owner

    Suzanne Cook, Mom and Business Owner