www.fieldlawpc.com As a small business owner in California, you most likely need to save every penny you can, as well as cut costs and find ways to make the law work for you and not against you. Southern California tax and business lawyer Jeff Field, of Field Law, explains in this video how his law firm may be able to help you.

It is important that as a small business owner you are not just compliant with your taxes, but that you are proactive and have tax plans. At Field Law, we do just that. We thoroughly look through your income, expenses, credits and more to find every legal deduction you can take under the internal revenue code. Having a tax plan will help save you and your business money. There are many deductions that most business owners are not taking or are not aware of, and our law firm can point those out. We will set up a tax plan that will save you money without any red flags.

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