www.fieldlawpc.com Are you a small business owner who pays too much in taxes? There are many small business owners who are not aware of certain tax codes they can take advantage of. This is why I wrote a tax book that details the biggest mistakes people make when doing their corporate and personal taxes. Watch this video to learn more.

Many people want to be tax compliant, which is good; however, being proactive in tax planning is even better. As a small business owner, you should have a tax plan and know what items are available in the internal revenue code that you can take advantage of from a tax standpoint. This book outlines some of the basic things that small business owners can take advantage of. The tax code is there for you to use to your benefit. For example, you can hire a child or family member (over the age of 7) and pay them up to $5,800 annually. This will not cost you or them any taxes, as it is within the standard deduction. There is no reason for you to be paying the government more money than you have to.

Learn how to take advantage of these tax codes and use them to your benefit. Simply fill out the form at our website www.fieldlawpc.com to request your free book. This book is a free download, courtesy of Los Angeles tax and business attorney Jeffrey Field. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Field Law, please call our office at (855) 503-0699 or (818) 369-7900 today.