www.fieldlawpc.com After every tax season, there are many small business owners and self-employed people who live in fear that they will be audited by the IRS. Avoid the IRS audit paranoia and talk with an experienced Southern California business lawyer for your financial and tax needs. Watch CA attorney Jeffrey Field, of Field Law, explain in this video how IRS audits work.

Although people may assume that the IRS may show up at their front door or at their place of business, the IRS generally does not conduct business this way. They typically send out correspondence in the mail asking you for information or verification of certain items. If you have what is requested and send the IRS the correct documentation, it may be a simple closed case. However, if you provide documentation they find a discrepancy with, they may review your tax returns. You can generally avoid an IRS audit with a tax plan and correct entity selection. This is why it is important to see a skilled Los Angeles and Orange County business and tax professional.

Los Angeles attorney Jeffrey Field can help you plan correctly so you will be less likely to be audited by the IRS. You will feel confident having the proper tax plan and business documents in place. Call Field Law at (855) 503-0699 or (818) 369-7900 to schedule a legal consultation. You can also visit our website at www.fieldlawpc.com to request our free tax book and view our frequently asked questions and answers.